Portable Toilet


Our single portable toilets come fully equipped with recirculating, flushing tank, hand sanitizer, and jumbo toilet roll. Standard toilet is ideal for any size building job where there are no facilities on site, or if you’re having a new bathroom or extension done at home. These toilets are built to a high standard, are hard-wearing and give complete privacy. One of the most popular toilets for the construction industry due to their strong design, the walls can withstand impact but are flexible enough to avoid cracking and splitting.

The standard portable toilets are self-contained which means they require no water or electric supply, needing only a level piece of ground to stand on. They are serviced weekly by our drivers who empty the tank, replenish with fresh water, blue chemical and top up the hand sanitize and toilet rolls.

This builder’s toilet measures 2.4m in height and the base is 1.2m x 1,2mand each weighs 80kg.





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